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Bhajans & Programs

Every Sunday, bhajan programs are conducted at the ashram. Also, the spiritual disciples of Amma conduct various programs at the homes and in community centres across Delhi.


Devotees can offer Pujas in the Brahmasthan Temple consecrated by Amma. Ahram monks and disciples conduct havana and dosh nivaran pujas also for the benefit of the devotees.

Yoga Classes

FREE Yoga classes are conducted on a regular basis

Meditation Classes

FREE Meditation classes are conducted for all those who are interested in increasing their focus and well being.

Charitable Projects

The ashram is the centre for all the various charitable activities of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math in North India – Annadaan for the poor and needy.

Free Tution Classes

Tuition Classes are conducted for the benefit of the poor and under previleged children living in the vicinity of the ashram They are provided free education, nutritious food, clothes and school necessities, apart from spiritual classes.


The ashram provided free food to the poor people in the vicinity of the ashram on a weekly basis.


AYUDH, OR Awaken Youth; Unite for Dharma is the youth wing of Mata Amritanandamayi Math aiming to use the powerful force of young people to perpetuate natural harmony, social justice, and personal empowerment.

Seva Opportunities

Everyone is welcome to be part of the activities in the ashram. Partake in the Joy of Giving.